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Iron Supplement FAQ


Who should take an iron supplement such as Bifera?


Bifera ironBifera-who-needs-iron supplement is recommended for people with iron deficiency, including both men and women, athletes, individuals seeking to boost energy levels, pregnant women and seniors.


Bifera is also recommended for those with iron deficiency anemia. Iron deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency and the most common cause of anemia in the United States. However, many would rather not deal with the common side effects associated with most iron supplements.


Bifera-iron-during-pregnancyBifera is a great iron alternative for those concerned about upset stomach, constipation and side effects common with other iron supplements. The special, patented formula in Bifera maximizes iron absorption while minimizing GI side effects.


Specific patients who may need an iron supplement include:

Patients with a chronic disease
Bariatric patients